This page lists the publications available from the Earlsdon Research Group.  Most publications are handy A5 sized booklets and prices are shown.  You can also download electronic copies of three of the most popular titles if you just wish to browse.  To do so, hover your mouse pointer over the title and click.

Physical copies of all publications can be obtained by email request to

Downloadable booklets:

Montes, M. (1989, rev. 1998) ‘Brown Boots in Earlsdon‘ Coventry and County Heritage Series Booklet 15.

Montes, M. (2000) (Ed. R. Norman) ‘Earlsdon Heritage. The history of a few notable Earlsdon features‘ Coventry. Earlsdon Millennium Group.

Montes, M. (1986) ‘The Earlsdon Cottage Inn, Warwick Street.  The story of an old Coventry pub‘. Coventry. Mary Montes.

Montes, M. (1986 – updated by D. Porter 2022) The Earlsdon Cottage Inn, Warwick Street.  The story of an old Coventry pub. Coventry. Mary Montes with update by David Porter.

Booklets on sale:

School days remembered Earlsdon  School 1882 to 2001 (£3.50)

Extract from the school logbook with reminiscences from past pupils

Edited by Mary Montes


Spencer Park 1883 A history of Spencer Park (£2.50)

Helen Spence


Brown Boots in Earlsdon (£4.00)

A study of a watchmaking community it’s rise and fall

Mary Montes


Earlsdon Heritage Trail  (£3.50)

The history of a few notable Earlsdon features

Mary Montes


Old Saint Thomas’s (50p)

The church in the Butts

Mary Montes


Earlsdon and its notable people a walk (£2.00)

Niall McChesney


A history of Saint Barbara’s parish church Earlsdon (£1.50)

Written by Niall McChesney from a book by Mary Montes


Earlsdon History Walk (£2.00)

A walk around the historical centre of Earlsdon

Compiled by Chris Wilkin and the Earlsdon Research Group


The 1978 Earlsdon Cookery Book (£2.00)

Compiled by the ‘Tea-at-Two’ group of Earlsdon community association reprinted 2004 by the Earlsdon society


Earlsdon’s Lost Industrial Heritage (A4 size £5.00)

John Purcell


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